On my recent vacation I had the opportunity to become acquainted with and experience acupuncture.  I do not consider myself very adventuresome or willing to try innovative health measures.  However, my body has been ‘attacked’ by osteoarthritis.  This is undoubtedly a natural part of aging.  I found arthritis painful and physically limiting.  I had a very successful hip replacement surgery in April 2015.  But even so this was not an experience I wish to undergo again.

My body seemed to be developing aches and pains in multiple locations so I was susceptible and receptive to receiving information regarding an intervention that might be effective while being much less invasive.  I stepped out on faith, expended what I considered an excessive amount of money for two weeks of intensive acupuncture during my recent 14 day cruise.

This procedure worked for me.  Although I do not like needles I did not find this a deterrent to the procedure.  It felt like a brief pin prick.  I immediately noticed a decrease in pain.  By the completion of the treatment, I was walking without a cane, and pain free. My treatment  ended January 5, 2016 and I continue to be pain-free.

I ran across the following article on the Healthy Christian Living website and want to share it with you.  Our bodies can heal themselves, if we believe and try certain alternative health measures.

Theresa Newell


Healthy Christian Living Article*



Acupuncture is a system of healing which began when the ancient Chinese found that stimulating certain areas of the skin affected the functioning of specific organs of the body.  The system evolved over the centuries as practitioners gained a better understanding of the connection between the skin and the organs and they refined their methods of stimulation.

In the West, acupuncture has been publicized as being helpful only for specific conditions; for example, pain or weight loss. In reality, acupuncture is based on stimulating the body’s own healing response and, therefore, it may be effective for a broad spectrum of conditions. It is important to note that while most acupuncturist practice “spiritual” aspects of the art that is not condoned by myself, nor Biblical principles, the physiological aspects remain and do hold truths. Consequently, I have provided this information for your reading and understanding.


Classical (5 Element) Acupuncture begins with a diagnosis of the individual’s energy imbalance. The vital Chi energy of the body, mind and spirit is distributed through 12 pathways called Meridians. Each meridian is associated with an organ or function. Pulses located on the wrists relate to each of the 12 functions and reveal the state of energy in each meridian or organ. Chronic over- or under-activity of any of these pathways will cause the organ to work less efficiently, resulting in disease.

The acupuncturist re-establishes the balance of energy within the individual by inserting very fine stainless steel needles into acupuncture points along the meridians.

The acupuncturist may also use Moxibustion, or the application of warmth.


Many people come to acupuncture to alleviate a specific symptom or condition, for example:

Anxiety, Asthma, Circulatory problems, Menstrual problem, High blood pressure, Skin Conditions, Arthritis, Back pain, Depression,  Migraine, Rheumatism, Sciatica

The effect of good acupuncture, however, is more than simply curing the symptom. Acupuncture directed at restoring the overall energy balance not only deals with the condition, but helps the patient feel better by promoting increased vitality, greater enjoyment of life, greater confidence, better sleep and normalized appetite.

By preventing deterioration in the balance of energy, which usually precedes the appearance of symptoms, classical acupuncture is also a preventative treatment – aimed at maintaining health on all levels.


For your initial examination, allow of least 2 hours for the visit. It is important to gather information: 1) on your symptoms, the history and treatment to date;  2) your medical and family history; 3) the behavior of your various systems, f or example, how you sleep, whether or not your digestion is good; and 4) your physical condition.

You may come weekly to begin with and then, less often as you improve, Your rate of improvement relates more to individual differences than to the label of the complaint.


Each individual is unique, so the response to treatment varies from person to person. Often people initially improve in overall health followed by improvement in the main complaint. Others notice immediate improvement in their main complaint. Some feel re-vitalized mentally or physically, while for others, the changes are subtle and are noticed in retrospect. How long a condition has been present is also important in determining how quickly the patient is likely to improve.


Classical Acupuncture treats the person as a whole. Treatment merely to stop smoking or to lose weight quickly is a temporary measure. These conditions are indications of overall problems and are treated accordingly. The goal is to determine the cause of the symptom, and to treat it at its source.


Only the finest quality stainless steel pre-sterilized, individually packaged needles are use. All needles are promptly discarded in proper biohazard containers.

Acupuncture needles are solid and much finer than those used for injections or drawing blood. Typically only a slight prick is felt at first, then there is another sensation often described as dull ache when the needle reaches the acupuncture point. The sensation is generally acceptable and lasts only 1 or 2 seconds.


Chinese philosophy, art, science and culture are based upon the principles of Yin and Yang. Yin represents earth, dark, nurturing, female; Yang represents sky, light, male. Within each of us lies the balance between those two forces. The energy within us, around us, and encompassing all things, is called Chi (chee). When we are in balance, the chi can flow smoothly, maintaining our health, our sense of joy, and our spirit.

Yin and Yang contain five “elements” of Nature as reflected in our bodies.

chinese chart

WATER fluid metabolism and neurological body systems

WOOD structural growth and repair systems

FIRE energy of consciousness and circulation- heart energy and relationships

EARTH digestive and blood building systems.

METAL lung, air, inspiration, and minerals.

External events and environment create stresses within each of us from an early age; this weakens, blocks, and alters the f low of Chi. The physical symptoms that we experience manifest themselves long after the energy of the body has become out-of -balance.

Five Element Acupuncture is meant to restore the balance and strength of each of the elements, thereby cultivating wellness at the deepest level.

It is my personal belief that while Yin and Yang in Chinese theory represent these factors, as a Christian, it goes back to the fact that ALL things are not flesh and blood. Meaning that when physiological aspects are out of balance, your spirit is effected, thus permitting wrong spirits to be inadvertently entertained, thus, you are out of balance with Gods plan and purpose for your health. By following the guidance of the Holy Spirit and nurturing your spiritual life through meditating on Gods written and inspired Word (in contrast to Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.) , in addition to the benefits of acupuncture, it is possible to achieve harmony in these areas.

Anthony Reinglas

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